About Us

Global Human Foundation (GHF) is registered under India Trust Act dedicated to bringing change in India by primarily focusing on skills development and capacity building to enhance livelihoods. The main goal of GHF is skilling and capacity building of Indian people to ensure equitable and easy access to growth opportunities, increased employability and improved productivity leading to reduced inequalities faced by socially, economically and politically backward groups, professionals and communities.

We have a firm belief in inclusiveness therefore we work for the underprivileged regardless of their caste, creed, religion or gender. Our continuous endeavor is to ensure people stuck in low income jobs and in the unorganized segments can access growth opportunities through up-skilling / re-skilling. Together with corporate partners, local government agencies, nonprofit, the private sector and individuals, GHF is working on the issues of skilling, capacity-building and training, health, education and livelihood training, conceptualising, developing and executing tailor-made, impact-driven social projects of varied scale. In addition, GHF strives to create community and professional support groups to help, guide, support and empower its members to fight any kind of inequality, be it from society, vested groups, governments and political groups. We strive to promote gender equality by empowering women and sensitizing various stakeholders.

Environmental protection is at the core of our values and we work to bring in incremental changes in the earning capacity of rural communities through environment friendly ways like organic farming, agro forestry, animal husbandry of indigenous livestock and traditional food processing.

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