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GHF for Individuals

Advance your career through Skilling

GHF (Global Human Foundation) allows you to take charge of your own career advancement.

The GHF system can help you in the following ways:

  • Plan your career path and help you enter a new industry
  • Upgrade skills and advance your career through a set training pathway
  • Achieve qualifications and certifications that demonstrate your skills sets to employers in tangible terms
  • Obtain portable credentials for existing skills to improve your employability
  • Assess and benchmark your capabilities against industry-established work standards
  • Support and promote the best practices at your workplace

GHF will help you to get train in any sector of your choice!

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§ Name of Sector
§ Agriculture
§ Apparel
§ Automotive
§ Beauty & Wellness
§ Construction
§ Capital Goods
§ Electronics and Hardware
§ Gems & Jewellery
§ Handicrafts
§ Healthcare
§ Infrastructure
§ Leather
§ Life Science
§ Logistics
§ Media and Entertainment
§ Mining
§ Plumbing
§ Retail
§ Rubber
§ Security
§ Telecom
§ Textile
§ Tourism & Hospitality

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