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Ever since CSR came into limelight, NGOs too became the centre of attraction – for reasons both good and bad. While there are some non-profit organisations working solely for monetary benefits, there are others that stand apart for their dedication and honesty. Former Indian cricket player, Kapil Dev’s brainchild – KHUSHII – true to its name, is busy boosting Kinship for Humanitarian, Social and Holistic Intervention in India while spreading happiness in the lives of thousands of underprivileged. Here’s how…

Shaily Tandon

KHUSHII, established in 2003, is a national organisation with a view to uplift communities in both rural and urban areas in India. The organisation was founded by the erstwhile captain of Indian cricket team, Kapil Dev. It has been working in various domains to help many people gain education, employment and special skills. The NGO especially focuses on educational and vocational support advocating the fact that by gaining education any individual can work substantially for him or herself. 


Shikshaantra is one of the most extensive programs by KHUSHII. It is passionately dedicated to initiate change at the grass root level through the power of impactful education, across India. The project of remedial education, aptly titled Swatantra Shikshaantra, came up with the goal to positively impact the future of hundreds of not so privileged children.  

The project was formulated by keeping in mind the dropout rate of school children. The aims of the program have been defined very clearly-

  • To provide supportive education through remedial classes
  • Integration into mainstream schooling
  • Regeneration of lost interest in studies through holistic development (academic, life skills, healthcare, livelihood training) for all of those deprived of these

Shikshaantra is not only an education related program, its motive is to keep a check on a child’s holistic development, in terms of health, social engagement and nourishment. The organisation has managed to provide all the basic facilities to a child such as health and immunisation camps, counselling and proper nutrition. 

Since its inception, the project has religiously worked on some objectives, which have been met with the course of time. These include –

  • To provide supportive education through remedial classes
  • To help in providing a comfortable home environment for the child by extending necessary support, guidance or rehabilitation to the family
  • To integrate the drop out children into mainstream schooling
  • To regenerate the lost interest of these children in studies
  • To help each child attain his/her holistic development (academic, life skills, health care and livelihood)  
  • To create awareness about education and social issues in the community

Similar to Shikshaantra, another ongoing program of KHUSHII is Shikshaantra+ which also focuses on education and development of children by reaching out to them within the premises of the government schools.


Looking ahead of the time, KHUSHII is focusing on the quality of education on a much larger level rather than only focusing on the quantity of education provided to children. The organisation has recognised the core of the problem and are working towards improving majorly problematic scenarios of the country, which are –

  • Thousands of children are still far away from a healthy educational environment with an unbelievably huge number of children leaving education midway and many others suffering from low learning problems. 
  • The reasons for low learning include non-availability of professionally trained teachers and adverse Pupil Teacher Ratios (which is as high as 41:1 and 54:1 in certain states) as well as infrastructural limitations, and in a high number of cases, the socio-economic factors and home environment that detrimentally affect a child’s learning, growth and development. 

KHUSHII has taken the responsibility to save these children from this disastrous and undeserving fate. In response to the pronounced need, KHUSHII has pledged to work towards improving the quality of school education and learning outcomes of children from low-income communities in India by offering complementary and support services across those Government Schools awarded to KHUSHII by the Government of India,under the Shikshaantra+ programme. 

Association with Corporates
While Remedial Education is becoming KHUSHII’s forte, in aiding Government Schools in all such areas identified as instructional and infrastructural lack, the passion could not be fuelled without the support of the corporate houses. Over the past many years, KHUSHII’s tributary schools have benefitted continually from the support of VLCC, RBS, Deloitte, Aircel and others, but the last six months have seen an upheaval in CSR mergers with PSUs and private companies.

In fact, in its expansion plans, it is the corporate houses who have helped design the progress. Here are some ofpartnerships that are assisting these KHUSHII schools:

Shikshaantra+ Mukundpur, Delhi is being supported by IGL (Indraprastha Gas Limited)
Shikshaantra+ NIT 1, Faridabadis being supported by Sandhar Technologies
Shikshaantra+Bhiwadi, Rajasthan is being supported byFederal Mogul
Shikshaantra+ NIT 2, Faridabad is being supported by Sita-Aero

It is imperative to point out that we are in the process of arriving at closures with more corporate houses, the funds from where will then be assigned to our schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Alongside all of this, the chance of employee volunteering is also an exciting exchange for the students of the schools. This model of mutual cooperation ensures committed sustainability and enhances a deep-rooted sense of social responsibility.

Eminent endeavours 

The inception of KHUSHII was done to helpthose less privileged reach a progressive stage in life, by providing them amenities necessary for their growth. The organisation has always focused on community development, by strategically trailing each initiative. There are many initiatives that KHUSHII has executed, successfully bringing about a change in many people’s life. Some of those are enlisted: –

  • Neemrana Community Development (2003-2009) – Aninitiative for rural community upliftment, with the aim to improve the conditions of people residing in rural India. Under this, KHUSHII adopted a cluster of 97 villages in the Neemrana Block of Rajasthan
  • Jeevan Jyoti – SwasthaurKhush (2007-2009) – An action focused on providing quality health care facilities at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries. In association with the Fortis hospital, KHUSHII provided the provisions of diagnostics, pathological laboratory, IPD, OPD, and minor OT to the people. 
  • Kala (from February 2008)–ProjectKala is aimed at preventive and correctional approach towards empowerment, through vocational training in various modules. KHUSHII has empowered over 1000 beneficiaries since March 2008.
  • World Action Forum (2009): The World Action Forum (WAF) is one of the leading initiatives by KHUSHII and it isaimed to establish a global network of non-profit organisations, civil societies, corporates, funding institutions and concerned citizens, which would collectively work towards economic and social development of Society.  

Not only these, KHUSHII is also continuously striving to make changes in the existing scenario by associating with the entrenched corporate. KHUSHII had registered some of the most successful initiatives in association with Indian industry giants. Some examples are –

  • Association with ITDC

Khushi has not missed to capture employability opportunities also. In association with ITDC, World Action Forum of KHUSHII had launched an Employability Training Program for Youth in the Hospitality Industry. KHUSHII became a nodal agency for its flagship programme called Hunar se Rozgaar. The motto behind starting this project was to provide ample opportunities to the youth in the organized and unorganized sector. The focus has always been on empowering the youth with skills and knowledge to attain economic independence. 

  • A+ project with Aircel 

As part of its CSR initiative, Aircel joined hands with KHUSHII in the month of December 2010 to make the youth section of our working area computer literate. The initiative empowered more than 100 underprivileged children and adolescents with functional knowledge of computer and the internet. Successful students have been placed in service sectors like BPO, Retail, finance etc.  

  • VLCC Supported Beauty Culture Training Centre 

Touching every field of employment is the main motive of KHUSHII. The vocational training in beauty culture was established in the year of 2008. Since then, the training program has become one of the most popular training actions in the area. This program aims at instilling occupational skills among the low-literate poor girls and giving them an optional vocation thus making them self-reliant and financially empowered.  The training program met dual objectives – oneis of creating and enhancing livelihood and building the capacity of women to gain entrepreneurial skills, and the second is to equip them to start their own income generating activities.  

With all the initiatives, KHUSHII has grown better and brighter, leaving many behind. The organisation has not ceased to put in efforts; it is constantly working and enhancing the base of beneficiaries. As the major focus has been education and vocational training, KHUSHII is surely leading. Ongoing initiatives such as Shikshaantra and Shikshaantra+ are true examples of the hardwork put in by the KHUSHII team.


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